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This is my road to constant

self-doubt and creative liberation

My way into copywriting is like any copywriter's - completely random.

As a teenager, writing was my savior. How do non-writers deal with heartbreaks, crazy family and the excitement of life? I wrote it all out on a (reading it today – super cringe) blog. People liked it, and I thought it was a nice hobby.

I founded a magazine at the age of 17. You can have a look at it here. Please don’t judge it too badly, we were a bunch of teenagers, that had no idea what we were doing.

At the age of 18, I joined the Danish navy for a year. On board the Queen's boat, Dannebrog, we sailed around Denmark. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach The Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. I fell instantly in love.

At the age of 19 I started working as a shop manager at a big coffee chain. I worked there for three years. I studied management at night, and learned  about myself as a human and as a leader. Invaluable lessons.

Quit my job, something had to happen. Randomly got a job at a small advertising agency in Copenhagen. Wauw. What a world. I was hired as project coordinator. Did party planning, a lot of coffee and a bit of writing. The creative director  saw some of my writing by coincidence. He asked me if I wanted to be a copywriter. I asked - what's that?

And from there, it definitely wasn't a straight road . That would be too boring a story.

I became a junior copywriter, and was one for six months. But on  a trip to Amsterdam,  I immediately felt the urge to move there. Three months later I left
my job at the advertising agency, broke up with my boyfriend (who was a dick anyway) and moved to Amsterdam.

For a year, I worked as head of logistics and customer service for Denmark and the UK at bloomon. What a year. First time you move abroad, and you realize how all alone you are, you feel  terrified. But then you start getting it. The way of life. And then. Then you can do anything.

I wrote a book in Amsterdam, and realized how much I missed playing with words. I applied for Kreativ Kommunikation at Denmark's Media and- Journalism School in Copenhagen. Didn’t think I would get in. But so I did. Off to Copenhagen  again. (I even brought a pretty sweet, French art director with me).

When Covid-19 made us all miss sweaty clubs, I felt eager to do something. I called three fantastic copywriters. Together we made Skriv for faen. For four months we wrote for free. 30 different companies and professions in need of help. A small business was born.

In a team with Peter Emil Birkvig, 2019/2020 was dedicated to the competition Young Glory. Wow, that's a tough one. 8 months, 8 briefs, 8 how to After Effect. We signed up for the practice, and were flabbergasted (favorite word) by the fact that we ended up on an overall second place.

At my third and final year of studying, I worked as a creative intern at  AKQA, Paris.  Even though 7 out of the 8 months were in lockdown and from home office, did I learn more about copywriting and creative work than ever. I bought a very expensive bottle of wine the day I was offered a job. 

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