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if the internet were a country, it would be the world’s sixth biggest polluter.

but 70% have never heard about digital pollution.

cloud services are branded as free, unlimited and invincible.

truth is, data-centers pollute as much as air traffic.

more data stored - more resources used - more consumption.

with peter_birkvig, we created a new cloud service. a service that:

help_clean  help_learn  help_climate  help_money

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how bye_byte is worlds first cloud service

designed with climate first.

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auto_zipping is not only clever,

it also makes you aware.

bye_byte is not unlimited. pay per use. once a year, you get money back.

for you, or for an investment in a sustainable internet.

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the internet is such a philosophical and surreal idea. it is also the root of ethical questions about democracy, privacy, class and future.

if you are curious - here is some of my research

feel free to leave a comment.

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